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http://dl9.megauploads.org/download.php?id=83082A62 here rc5 source
password: www.vbsupport.org

>Previous version was decoded & nulled by guys at WST.
are you talking about 2.x ? i know that it was not decoded

>I'm hanging on the v2.3.2 now
it's buggy with 3.6.x
Yandex Bot Yandex Bot is online now
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Реклама на форуме А что у нас тут интересного? =)

are you talking about 2.x ? i know that it was not decoded
The version i'm using is 2.3.2 which is decoded by c0r0ner & nulled by alex2k. Both from WST.

But the 2.4.0 was nulled without decoding it by nomadman of DGT. But it was not a perfect null. So i'm still using 2.3.2.

>I'm hanging on the v2.3.2 now
it's buggy with 3.6.x
It seems working for me? Can you please list out some issues you've noticed?
Phantom's Avatar

Originally Posted by webso;undefined
>I'm hanging on the v2.3.2 now
it's buggy with 3.6.x
For example?

I tested on the localhost vBSEO 2.3.2 and vB 3.6.4. Good.

for example, issues quoted in vbseo 2.4 changelog:

(30) FIX: Unregistered user error message for user profiles with usernames containing a single apostrophe character ('). Occurred when VBSEO_REWRITE_MEMBER_MORECHARS set to 0 and VBSEO_FILTER_FOREIGNCHARS set to 1.
(31) FIX: Links to member profiles for users with double quotes (") in their username not resolving properly on the member list.
(32) FIX: Invalid thread links when vBSEO 2.3.2 installed with GARS.
(33) FIX: Incomplete URL rewriting on forum vBAdvanced CMPS homepage.
(34) FIX: Double slashes (//) in URLs allowed.
(35) FIX: URL rewriting below the forum root level.
(36) FIX: URLs not rewritten in XML feed when external.php is rewritten using vBSEO CRRs.
(37) FIX: Broken User Profile links (missing user ID) on new threads search result page.
(38) FIX: vBSEO now uses case-insensitive matching for domain names when rewriting URLs contained on vBAdvanced CMPS pages.
(39) FIX: Tracking External Link Clicks for Google Analytics now works for forum links to external sites in forumhome.
(40) FIX: Corrected error with Replace Non-English Characters in URLs? option.
(41) FIX: Custom Rewrite Rules that rewrite to virtual folders bug when $ was used in the CRR regex.
(42) FIX: Error when accessing a vBulletin announcement.
(43) FIX: Rig gallery mod URLs being mistaken for vBulleton showthread links & incorrectly rewritten.
(44) FIX: When disabling the 301 Redirect Original Content feature, redirects will still be applied.
(45) FIX: Page 2 of sub-forums getting redirected to root.
(46) FIX: Limit URL Length feature failing to clip keywords when dot (.) used as a keyword separator for the CRU.
(47) FIX: Incompatibility with multipage thread format of CRUs causing replacement errors.
(48) FIX: vBA Latest Threads Module Rewriting Error.
(49) FIX: Avatars and Member Profile URLs containing forward slashes causing error.
(50) FIX: Merge threads with non-English characters.
(51) FIX: Blank page generated when acronym expansion feature applied to all text on complex posts.

i'm verifying each bug and trying to fix it ;)

Добавлено через 47 минут
30: fixed
31: pseudo-fixed
32: won't fix
33: won't fix
34: fixed

tomorrow i will go on (and publish the source, of course).. now it's time to sleep

Last edited by webso : 12-15-2006 at 05:23 AM. Reason: Добавлено сообщение

Anyone got the newest version RC7 nulled?

is it really hard to freaking to get this nulled?
criminalstatecebep's Avatar

//me "want nulled vbseo v3xx"
very very )))
Milad's Avatar

Originally Posted by itdevil View Post
DGT has gone, only blogger who posted is going away for 2yrs... so we still have chance the DGT can Null it Hurry!

further more abotu Zoints SEO, quote from Author

No support means if you board get broken due to this hack, you in big mess... in fixing it... easly
you want to use nulled vBSEO, what support do you expect?

Originally Posted by Milad View Post
you want to use nulled vBSEO, what support do you expect?
LoL good point.
Takster's Avatar

Originally Posted by vpa021 View Post
is it really hard to freaking to get this nulled?
Unless you walk into zend peoples office and put a gun to the coders head and demand he helps decode the files, we are going to have trouble i think.


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