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Please contact kerk or Luvilla regarding payments.

- if your reputation will become less then 0, you will be moved into "simple_users" users' group automatically.*
*for temporary groups (pre-paid for 3 months) reputation/posts do not matter.
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Originally Posted by Dyuhaha View Post
Лучше от него отказаться.

Обращаю внимание на то, что для корректного удаления этого хака - его нужно сначала отключить!
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Реклама на форуме А что у нас тут интересного? =)
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Originally Posted by TAIFUN View Post
Обращаю внимание на то, что для корректного удаления этого хака - его нужно сначала отключить
Только что попробовал просто выключить и раскомментировать config['Datastore']['class'] = 'vB_Datastore_XCache' - опять посыпались ошибки. Это что-то на сервере с XCache нужно накручивать. Вопрос - что? У меня отключена автоматическая очистка кэша:
; interval of gc scanning expired items, 0=no scan, other values is in seconds
xcache.gc_interval =           0
Может быть из-за этого проблема? И как его, вообще, вручную чистить?
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@Dyuhaha, не совсем.
Ну и это то, про что я и говорил.
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Originally Posted by mindframe View Post
не совсем.
К сожалению я "Unlicensed Members"))
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для начала
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Originally Posted by hoo View Post
Пробовал утром - не помогает.
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xcache.var_size = 64M
тогда так
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Originally Posted by hoo View Post
xcache.var_size = 64M
И так пробовал!) Честно!
И апач каждый раз перегружал...
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xCache Templates
By default vBulletin loads templates out of the database which means that all templates that are required on a page must be loaded ("cached") before the first template gets rendered.

If a template is not cached an additional dataase query is required.

This Add-on loads templates from XCache on demand, completely emiminating the need for database reads after an initial pageload.

By loading templates on demand only those templates that are really being used on a page will be loaded into memory, so theoretically this Add-on should

    Decrease memory footprint
    Decrease page creation time (as loading data from a shared memory storage like XCache is faster than DB access)
    Remove 1+X (X = amount of uncached templates) queries per page

How is that different to other existing tools like vBOptimise?
Most existing tools (at least the ones I know of) load all templates upfront, just like vBulletin would do if the DB is used.
This means that only those templates that are explicitly cached will be loaded from the cache, uncahed templates will cause additional database queries.

Can I use this Add-on my hared Webhosting?
Most likely not as it requires XCache with variable caching enabled which is usually not the case on shared hosts

I use multiple webservers, is that a problem?
It should work just fine with multiple webservers but that has not been tested so far.

Are there any other drawbacks?
Yes, this Add-on might be (be is not necessarily) incompatible with Add-ons that manipulate the template cache at runtime (which is a technique that is genreally deprecated).

1.0.0 Beta 1
First Public Release

1.0.0 Beta 2

    Fixed incorrect variable initialisation that caused problems with other Add-ons that manipulate the template cache
    Important: Such techniques (like using str_replace(), etc.) are deprecated and it is strongly advised not to use Add-ons that do such auto-template changes.
    Increased Plug-in execution order to the maximum to ensure all Templates cached via Plug-ins are grabbed

1.0.0 Beta 3

    Fixed missing global in Hook template_compile
    Added prefix setting to config.php
XCache for vBulletin Caching
This mod will replace the default vB_Cache_Db class (database cache) used in vBulletin with an xCache implementation of it.
vBulletin has promised to implement this option themselves, but I'm sick of waiting, so I created this.

What are the benefits of using XCache for caching over MySQL (Database) ?

In theory, quicker page load times, lower server load. This will offload the duty of caching from mysql and throw it into the RAM. 
It will also reduce your query count per page.

The most staggering difference you will notice is with the CMS, or any mods that make good use of the cache.
For instance, in my dev site using the default CMS content and settings, browsing as a guest, I was able to shave off an average of 0.06 seconds from the page generation time  (0.23 -> 0.17 seconds) and 43 queries (86 -> 43)!
In a live site, the reduction in queries and overall time spent serving the page will have a large effect on overall performance in a busy site.

Make sure that you also have the datastore cache method set to xcache as well for further query reduction: https://www.vbulletin.com/docs/html/datastore
Also install "Load templates from XCache" for further query reduction: http://www.vbulletin.org/forum/showthread.php?t=255994

Any drawbacks?

Other than a file edit required on every vBulletin upgrade, none that I can think of... If you think of one, post it.

What about other data caches ? (memcached, apc, etc.)

I could write those as well, if there is a demand for it, and they happen to work similar enough to xcache.

This is a beta!

This has been tested in a live forum for a few days, and no incidents/side-effects have been noticed or reported, but I cannot yet guarantee it is 100% perfect.

This mod requires one file edit

See this bug to find out why: http://tracker.vbulletin.com/browse/VBIV-13241


This was designed to fail gracefully by falling back on the DB cache if there is an error, so if there is an error you will not even realize it.

Make sure these requirements are met:
  • XCache 1.3.2 installed (only version that I tested) (verify by viewing phpinfo page)
The following are in your XCache ini settings (php.ini usually):
  • xcache.var_size = 32M (32MB; at least)
  • xcache.var_slots = 8k (8000; at least)
  • Set xcache.admin.user and xcache.admin.pass to whatever you want (keep in mind that the pass must be MD5'd)
Restart after making any changes. Another tip is to set your xcache.count and xcache.var_count to the number of CPU cores that you have. See the documentation here: http://xcache.lighttpd.net/wiki/XcacheIni After running this mod for a while, check your xcache admin page to ensure that your var_slots and var_size are large enough. Install Instructions 1. Upload the contents of the UPLOAD folder in xcache.zip to your forum root 2. Open up your /includes/config.php file and add the following:
PHP Code:
/*  * XCache Config  */ $config['xcache']['user'] = 'user'; $config['xcache']['pass'] = 'pass'
Edit it to include your xcache admin username and password 3. This step will need to be repeated whenever you do a forum upgrade. Open up /vb/cache.php. Find:
PHP Code:
self::$instance vB_Cache_Db::instance(); 
Replace with:
PHP Code:
self::$instance fst_Cache_Xcache::instance(); 
Attached Files
File Type: zip xcachtemplates_1-0-0_Beta_3.zip (3.7 KB, 4 views)
File Type: zip xcache-0.9.1.zip (3.7 KB, 5 views)
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@mindframe, огромное спасибо! Буду разбираться.

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