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Подробности и история обновлений продукта в этой теме
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Пароли на скачивание файлов в Member Area меняются автоматически каждый день
Если вам нужно скачать какой то скрипт, за паролем ко мне в ЛС
привет какирам kerk
Ещё раз обращаем Ваше внимание: всё, что Вы скачиваете и устанавливаете на свой форум, Вы устанавливаете исключительно на свой страх и риск.
Сообщество vBSupport'а физически не в состоянии проверять все стили, хаки и нули, выкладываемые пользователями.
Помните: безопасность Вашего проекта - Ваша забота.
Убедительная просьба: при обнаружении уязвимостей или сомнительных кодов обязательно отписывайтесь в теме хака/стиля
Спасибо за понимание
На форуме введена премодерация ВСЕХ новых пользователей

Почта с временных сервисов, типа mailinator.com, gawab.com и/или прочих, которые предоставляют временный почтовый ящик без регистрации и/или почтовый ящик для рассылки спама, отслеживается и блокируется, а так же заносится в спам-блок форума, аккаунты удаляются
for English speaking users:
You may be surprised with restriction of access to the attachments of the forum. The reason is the recent change in vbsupport.org strategy:

- users with reputation < 10 belong to "simple_users" users' group
- if your reputation > 10 then administrator (kerk, Luvilla) can decide to move you into an "improved" group, but only manually

Main idea is to increase motivation of community members to share their ideas and willingness to support to each other. You may write an article for the subject where you are good enough, you may answer questions, you may share vbulletin.com/org content with vbsupport.org users, receiving "thanks" equal your reputation points. We should not only consume, we should produce something.

- you may:
* increase your reputation (doing something useful for another members of community) and being improved
* purchase temporary access to the improved category:
10 $ for 3 months. - this group can download attachments, reputation/posts do not matter.
20 $ for 3 months. - this group can download attachments, reputation/posts do not matter + adds eliminated + Inbox capacity increased + files manager increased permissions.

Please contact kerk or Luvilla regarding payments.

- if your reputation will become less then 0, you will be moved into "simple_users" users' group automatically.*
*for temporary groups (pre-paid for 3 months) reputation/posts do not matter.
Не можете скачать вложение?
Изменения в правах групп пользователей
внимательно читаем эту и эту темы
Короткая версия - тут
Уважаемые пользователи!

На форуме открыт новый раздел "Каталог фрилансеров"

и отдельный раздел для платных заказов "Куплю/Закажу"

Post Upgrading vBulletin.com to 4.0 tomorrow

We know everyone is anxious to see vB4 in action, so here it comes! We are planning to upgrade vBulletin.com to vB4 starting very early tomorrow morning. The plan is to put /forums/ into maintenance mode in the middle of the night (Pacific time) and be live again by mid-morning. Please note that this rollout will be an early beta release. By early, I mean really early, much earlier than betas have historically been rolled out on vb.com. It is not a release candidate, so there will be rough spots, which we're still working on, but we are choosing to make this available now in order to give you the earliest possible view of what is being built. This initial rollout will include Forums and Blog, as well as an internal build of Project Tools. It will not initially include CMS, but that will follow soon afterward. We have tested the upgrade process in a staging environment, and we are confident that it should go well. In the event that something doesn't go as planned, we will simply revert to the current installation of 3.8.4, fix what breaks, and try again. In anticipation of the expected questions... *Why didn't you wait until the product was more "done"?* To give you the earliest possible view of the new vB4. *Why didn't you wait until the CMS could be released along with Forum and Blog? *To give you the earliest possible view of the new vB4. *Why aren't you delaying the release until feature _____ is implemented?* In the spirit of release early, release often (http://radio.weblogs.com/0103807/sto...easeOften.html), we want to get releases out to customers *early*, in order to get real-world feedback, and *often*, so that they can start benefiting from basic features as soon as they are available, with more advanced features following shortly after in subsequent releases. See you in the morning!

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Реклама на форуме А что у нас тут интересного? =)
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Интересная новость.
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Наконецто завтро увидим в действии
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так сегодня обещают
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Да, уже началось.

vBulletin.com Official Support Forums are currently undergoing maintenance.
We apologize for the inconvenience and will return online shortly.
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Хы, типа вместо с майкрософт решили засвититься?
На доске почёта
Пожизненный блэк
banned nax


*нервно кусаю ногти*
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ура ура ура )0
помацать дадут хоть))
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любопытно посмотреть бы
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По Москве это во сколько будет готово?

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