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for English speaking users:
You may be surprised with restriction of access to the attachments of the forum. The reason is the recent change in strategy:

- users with reputation < 10 belong to "simple_users" users' group
- if your reputation > 10 then administrator (kerk, Luvilla) can decide to move you into an "improved" group, but only manually

Main idea is to increase motivation of community members to share their ideas and willingness to support to each other. You may write an article for the subject where you are good enough, you may answer questions, you may share content with users, receiving "thanks" equal your reputation points. We should not only consume, we should produce something.

- you may:
* increase your reputation (doing something useful for another members of community) and being improved
* purchase temporary access to the improved category:
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20 $ for 3 months. - this group can download attachments, reputation/posts do not matter + adds eliminated + Inbox capacity increased + files manager increased permissions.

Please contact kerk or Luvilla regarding payments.

- if your reputation will become less then 0, you will be moved into "simple_users" users' group automatically.*
*for temporary groups (pre-paid for 3 months) reputation/posts do not matter.
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Arrow deZender (PHP decoder, PHP decompiler, decode Zend/ionCube/SourceGuardian)

deZender is the software that specially used for to decompile/decode PHP files encoded by Zend Encoder/SafeGuard, ionCube, or SourceGuardian. It mainly use cryptanalysis, decompressing and decompiling technology to decode an encoded PHP file into readable, executable PHP source code.
◇ Can decode binary files encoded by Zend Encoder/SafeGuard into PHP plain text.
◇ The result file can perform the same functions of the original file.
◇ Support of decompile for time-expired files.
◇ Support of decompile for files lost licenses.
◇ Support of decompile for files with expired licenses.
◇ Support of decompile for files with licenses for certain IP's or Domains.
◇ Support of decompile for large files (size >500K)
◇ Support of decompile for files optimized by SafeGuard 3.6
◇ Support of decompile for files encoded by ionCube
◇ Support of decompile for files encoded by SourceGuardian
◇ Provides online PHP decompile/decode service
deZender (PHP decoder, PHP decompiler, decode Zend/ionCube/SourceGuardian)

he did free for file by file decoding, maybe helpfull in some reasions.
Yandex Bot Yandex Bot is online now
Join Date: 05.05.2005
Реклама на форуме А что у нас тут интересного? =)

Only online decoding..:(


To decode PHP-script successfully, the first line in your original file (not zended file) must be: "$deZender='test';".)
But great work...

thanks, but who have this tool? For a big encoded script is online-testing too slow.

did any find any offline sofeware ? i looking around for a while

is vBSEO 2.4 dezendable with this?
itdevil's Avatar

Nopes i do not think so, because

To decode PHP-script successfully, the first line in your original file (not zended file) must be: "$deZender='test';".)
Takster's Avatar

Originally Posted by mineonic
is vBSEO 2.4 dezendable with this?
Here is the nullers info on the 2.4 going around now.

This nullification based on the same product this thread supplied by aShiQ (thanks aShiQ). The reason why I put the nulled version here (in retail scriptz), because I need confirmation from other special group's members if they want to test it before actual release. Why? Because the nullification a bit odd, it was nulled "indirectly" and still uses encoded files from the original product! In other words, This product has been nulled without having to decode the original encoded files. Capice?

If you still can't believe it, just give it a try. That's why I put it here. Nullification has been done by exploiting some weakness in the code. All known hot-links and call-homes has been removed. Additionally, the license code will be generated automatically so you don't have to worry about it.

Now the challenge. If you would like to test it, please find any dangerous things that wasn't stripped off. Be sure to test it in local unconnected environment (not connected to the net) and locates any remaining call-homes, hot-links, or whatever that considered as "bad nullification". I give you one week. Beyond that, if none reporting bad null then I will post this on "script releases" section.

You need Zend Optimizer to test it (as mentioned before, the original source wasn't decoded). Released as anonymous. Credits only goes to aShiQ as supplier and myself as nuller. However, no NFO file provided at this time. Please do not share this before perfect nullification has been confirmed. Thanks.
I try this version, too bad in archive still left links to vBSEO
itdevil's Avatar

I hope they be able to give a Perfect NULL of vBSEO 2.4 soon... vBSEO is too much expensive otherwise i would bought legit copy... They should really consider lowering the price... vBSEO is plug for vBulletin and it cost almost the same for the lic of vB owned... that crap...

deZender is not able to decode files encoded for PHP5, which makes it rather old in my opinion.
Not to mention the new SafeGuard 4 coming out, total obfuscation anyone? ;) Good luck turning variables named $zzczxlj to $zzczahj to something a human can read :P
Add pre-encoding obfuscation of hard-links/homecalls through multiple variables and you've got one good protection.

Buy it if you like it!

Sad, can't find a offline version.
really wonder how safe itis to pass it to them the code

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