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Originally Posted by RECON
I just can advice the half securety is not using a usa ip mean a usa hosting server or a company who use us servers cause they can within minutes suspend, terminate. i seen by self on my webs in past 7 times. since i use east or south east server nothink happen. brasil as well problem there. no us, canada, australia,europe or blocking whole countrie ranges on apf. i can be very wrong and just in past catched wrong servers but i by self i will look to the host server ip where there server is in true not the hosting company only. by self my location have up to no copyrights in real present. i will exclude indonesia and phillipinescause they have strong copyrights. babyblue with blueportal run very good in vietnam.

RECON добавил 16.01.2006 в 17:14
can order a pr sample nfr lic. by vb maybe f they have a pr in europe.

Just one thing that blueportal is not running in Vietnam. I did a whois query and found that it is running on ThePlanet hosting.
Btw, as I am living in Vietnam, I think that hosting a warez site in Vietnam is not a good idea because of three reasons: -The connection is not fast enough for those warez sites which always consume a lot of bandwidth. -Our gov. is more strictly on copyright/license day by day. Some guys have been caught by making illegal actions in IT field. -The service providers are working with the bad services/support. Even the person here couldn't bear with them.

Have you ever used a hosting in Chinese? Can you please share with us your experience? They are having better internet connection than ours but it's difficult to find them as their sites are almost in Chinese. I did have a look on your site and see that you're living in Thailand, how about there?
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Join Date: 05.05.2005
Реклама на форуме А что у нас тут интересного? =)
RECON's Avatar
Default hosing in asia

I just can say useinternet archiver info what is recordet since 1999 track fixdown, 9down, superdown, 0daycn.net you get almost a win2k3 svr envoimence or any linux but win2k3 running with php and asp. a dedicatet host with 6 to 8 ips coast in a year with 80 giga space its a server for ur self about the same as everywher around 1500 dollar per year just all include no monthly fees for licenses or remote reboot etc...
isnt cheap but if u run a high traffic page with banner ads u get it maybe in or sharing one server.
i just now have xinnet info here and a agnent info about a dedicatet host server. i dont have now done the investment cause i dont make public webs by self.
i just know the only webs since end of the 90s up to now are all in china with fullversion content survived. cause of that i seen no other pages so long online, i will if i plan seriouse a public comunity with sponcor banners use a china hosting. i think all other is a question of time. how is that for example possible that fixdown and co on some europe and other isp's got blocked, normal isp's does that when all other communication with the webhost failed so that the only way is by the countries who dont like to give access to that webs to block them. i can be very wrong with my meaning cause nothing is at the end secure. sure there are countries where i will not put some pages up cause the risk is high that it takes maybe a week maybe a months until they suspend terminate. yah i seen now to, vietnam didnt host now in vietnam. thailand use almost webhosting companies resaller who as well have the host in australia or usa standing cause of dumping prices. local hosts say it is the risk and all of the one who rent the host. i dont no anyone who ever was try to host for international in english music or fullversions or anythink like that. t is possible if the hosting server get letters that really get a problem. about this please pm or email me i give u some contact infos for china u can ask them same as i did, what happen if problems from outside comming what they do or if they care about it.
i just think looking the host and looking simular webs and how long they are on the host http://web.archive.org/web/*/http://www.fixdown.com
some go back up from 1997
history of hosting u found by them on netcraft. almost all of them open without ned register and host all files on svr.
I download my software from them servers since the 90 i was kive up to 2002 in germany server was and is normal fast in china. u can try by self. they have as well 1000 and 100mb/s dedicatet

Last edited by RECON : 01-18-2006 at 04:57 PM.
Takster's Avatar

Originally Posted by pilsentico
Hi try this hosting too

they give warranty no legal worries at all
Yeah, melonez servers run from Macedonia, i would check up on macedonian copyright laws before i stuck a nulled forum up with them. Im sure jelsoft wont mind firing of piracy emails to the macedonian ISP's, so yeah, always check the laws of that country, or indeed, any country before you commit your hard earned cash to melonez.
RECON's Avatar

Yah right, but im using one server of them and its on my neighborhood country in south just east part of it. MY

Last edited by RECON : 01-19-2006 at 12:15 PM.
ammarcom004's Avatar

Originally Posted by Milad
I think the best solution is to convert my vB3.5 into free forum script

What do you think about that?

Which forum can I conver into?

with many hacks, CMSs, galleries, link directories?

why you convert your forum my brother milad you can bay a licenses from the vbulettin by the (arabsdesign services)(arabs@arabsdesign.com) its pay a license not by cash and not all in one time but in month

i bought a licence vb by this services and by this way

that one

and the second is to locate the host accebt nulled forum and if you want i accept it and you can add me to your messanger to talk about this if you want (my messnager is {ammarcom70@hotmail.com})

and sorry for later to replay to all answer because i very basy in this dayes but i free now

Last edited by ammarcom004 : 01-24-2006 at 06:05 PM.

its pay a license not by cash and not all in one time but in month
So what is the deal if i wanna to get a license from 'em. The melonez servers seems fast and i like their community also..
ammarcom004's Avatar

i mean that i bought the license with order continue to 9 month case i not have to bout in same day

and am sorry i don't know melonez servers so i never try it

Last edited by ammarcom004 : 01-26-2006 at 02:33 AM.

melonez works gr8.........

Milad just to know what hosting service you choose???
Milad's Avatar

I had already planed to buy a license, I'll do that soon, my site is still closed.
I don't want to change my host because I like it. the server is very good and stable.

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