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Ещё раз обращаем Ваше внимание: всё, что Вы скачиваете и устанавливаете на свой форум, Вы устанавливаете исключительно на свой страх и риск.
Сообщество vBSupport'а физически не в состоянии проверять все стили, хаки и нули, выкладываемые пользователями.
Помните: безопасность Вашего проекта - Ваша забота.
Убедительная просьба: при обнаружении уязвимостей или сомнительных кодов обязательно отписывайтесь в теме хака/стиля
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Почта с временных сервисов, типа mailinator.com, gawab.com и/или прочих, которые предоставляют временный почтовый ящик без регистрации и/или почтовый ящик для рассылки спама, отслеживается и блокируется, а так же заносится в спам-блок форума, аккаунты удаляются
for English speaking users:
You may be surprised with restriction of access to the attachments of the forum. The reason is the recent change in vbsupport.org strategy:

- users with reputation < 10 belong to "simple_users" users' group
- if your reputation > 10 then administrator (kerk, Luvilla) can decide to move you into an "improved" group, but only manually

Main idea is to increase motivation of community members to share their ideas and willingness to support to each other. You may write an article for the subject where you are good enough, you may answer questions, you may share vbulletin.com/org content with vbsupport.org users, receiving "thanks" equal your reputation points. We should not only consume, we should produce something.

- you may:
* increase your reputation (doing something useful for another members of community) and being improved
* purchase temporary access to the improved category:
10 $ for 3 months. - this group can download attachments, reputation/posts do not matter.
20 $ for 3 months. - this group can download attachments, reputation/posts do not matter + adds eliminated + Inbox capacity increased + files manager increased permissions.

Please contact kerk or Luvilla regarding payments.

- if your reputation will become less then 0, you will be moved into "simple_users" users' group automatically.*
*for temporary groups (pre-paid for 3 months) reputation/posts do not matter.
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Post vBulletin Project Tools 1.0.3 Released

vBulletin Project Tools 1.0.3 Released

vBulletin Project Tools 1.0.3 is a primarily security update. It fixes the CSRF issue that vBulletin 3.6.10 was released to handle.

Additionally, it contains a small number of bug fixes since the release of 1.0.2.

We recommend that all Project Tools users upgrade as soon as possible.

Some of the bugs fixed include:
  • 24768 - Editing an issue updates project last activity time
  • 24842 - Resorting a grouped search returns to the first page of the search (all groups)
  • 24946 - Submit user sorts in wrong direction by default
See a full list of bugs fixed between Project Tools 1.0.2 and 1.0.3

Application of Security Changes to Templates

The upgrade script for vBulletin 3.6.10/3.7.0 RC4 automatically applied changes to your customized templates to help fix the security issue without errors. This includes any customized Project Tools templates.

The other template changes in this release will not be applied automatically! You should always double check any customized Project Tools templates to ensure that the appropriate changes have been made.

Upgrading/Installing Project Tools

Upgrades and new installations of the Project Tools follow the same process: upload the files and import the XML. After this, you will see a message that your upgrade or install was successful. For full instructions on how to upgrade or install, please see this manual entry.

About Project Tools

Project Tools is a versatile add-on product that enhances vBulletin with project management functionality, empowering your community members to create projects, contribute to tasks, submit issues and view progress of projects. Seamless integration with vBulletin ensures maximum usability, and an administration suite within the vBulletin control panel allows full customization of projects, issues, tasks and user permissions.

Project Tools is ideal for any community that shares a common goal - from developing software, keeping track of servers, writing a play, exhibiting at a trade show or building a car!
  • Find out more about Project Tools and watch a video overview
  • View the Project Tools' manual
  • See Project Tools in action on the vBulletin.com community forums
Note that to install Project Tools, you must be running vBulletin 3.6.6 or newer!

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Post vBulletin Blog 1.0.5 Released

vBulletin Blog 1.0.5 Released

vBulletin Blog 1.0.5 is a maintenance release to our second vBulletin add-on. It contains a number of bug fixes since the release of 1.0.4. This release will work with vBulletin 3.6.8+ and vBulletin 3.7.0+.

Some of the bugs fixed include:
  • 24750 - Trackbacks not working
  • 25182 - Imagetags with parameters in blog description won't work
  • 24734 - IP-Link showing even IPs are turned off
See a full list of bugs fixed between Blog 1.0.4 and 1.0.5
Upgrading/Installing the Blog

Upgrades and new installations of the Blog follow the same process: upload the files and import the XML. After this, you will see a message that your upgrade or install was successful. For full instructions on how to upgrade or install, please see this manual entry.

About the Blog

vBulletin Blog is a fully featured blogging add-on that enables community members to create their very own online blogs within vBulletin. Giving members a place to post thoughts, ideas and musings will keep users returning to the community again and again, and advanced administration features allow forum owners and moderators to keep control and integrate Blog into vBulletin’s existing look and feel.

vBulletin Blog makes it simple for community members to create their own space within the community. Getting started is as simple as posting the first message (using the same familiar vBulletin editor). There is no lengthy setup process - blog owners are free to personalise their blog at any time by defining a title and a description that will appear at the top of every blog post.
  • Find out more about the Blog
  • View the Blog's' manual
  • See the Blog in action on the vBulletin.com community forums
vBulletin 3.6.8 or newer is required to install the Blog. vBulletin 3.7.0 requires Blog version 1.0.3 or higher.

Post vBulletin 3.7.0 'Gold' Released

vBulletin 3.7.0

Today, the vBulletin team is proud to declare version 3.7.0 to be our stable, supported release.

vBulletin 3.7.0 is available immediately from the Members' Area to all customers with active vBulletin licenses, and will be offered as the primary choice to those making new purchases.

This release supercedes the 3.6.x branch as our primary product. vBulletin 3.6.x will continue to be maintained for a limited time, as outlined in the end-of-life announcement posted today. We recommend that all customers with active licenses upgrade to vBulletin 3.7.0.

There are many new features and improvements to existing functionality in vBulletin 3.7.0 over vBulletin 3.6.x, most of which have already been described in the release announcements for the various pre-release versions, and in the First Look thread that was posted at the beginning of the beta process, but here is a brief list of just a few of the highlights.PHP and MySQL Requirements

vBulletin 3.7.0 requires at least PHP 4.3.3 and MySQL 4.0.16, but we strongly recommend that all customers run PHP 5.2.5 with APC and MySQL 5.0.51 or later. Major performance benefits can be had by taking the recommended route rather than simply satisfying the required versions.

What is a 'Gold' Version?

When talking about software, the term 'gold' is not related to the color of the application. Rather, it refers to the practise of burning the final version of a software product to a CD-R so that it can be sent to a large scale CD press for large-scale distribution. It is used to indicate that the code is ready for deployment to customers. The official name of this new version is vBulletin 3.7.0.

Installing or Upgrading vBulletin

Anyone who has installed or upgraded any version of vBulletin 3 before will be familiar with the process, but for those who are new to the system, the vBulletin manual has all the details for installing and upgrading.

Template Changes

A large number of templates have been changed when compared with vBulletin 3.6.x. It will be necessary to revert affected customized templates or otherwise carefully integrate the changes into your custom versions or new features and existing functionality will be adversely affected. A complete list of the templates you have customized whose original version has been changed by the 3.7.0 upgrade is available within your Admin Control Panel after the upgrade is complete.

Bug Reports

As with any software, bugs will appear. If you find a problem that you believe to be a bug, please don't post about it on the forums where the development team may never find your message, but instead use the dedicated bug tracker to make a report that can be tracked through to completion.

Before reporting a bug, please ensure you are able to reproduce the problem on a board using a default, uncustomized style with all plugins disabled.

Post vBulletin Licensing Changes

For eight years, Jelsoft has produced feature-rich, professional products and backed them up with high quality support, while always maintaining excellent value for money.

Today, for the first time in our history, we are announcing some changes to the way in which we license our products:
  • Increases in the price of all products and services
  • Removal of the renewal fee for add-on products
The removal of the renewal fee for add-on products is effective immediately. All other changes will be introduced on June 2nd, 2008. Further details of the changes are included below this message.

These changes apply retroactively, both to existing licenses and new purchases.

Please note that the way in which we provide the software to customers and support it will be unaffected by these changes - active license owners will continue to be able to download the latest versions of vBulletin (including future major releases) via the members’ area on vBulletin.com.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank all of our customers for their continued support. Be assured of our ongoing commitment to excellence in product development and customer service.

Many thanks,

James Limm and the vBulletin Team


The following information explains in more detail the licensing changes on a product-by-product basis. If there are any queries about these changes get in touch with our support team on support@vbulletin.com. A discussion thread for this announcement is available.

All pricing changes are reflected in US Dollars. Pricing in Euros and Pounds Sterling will be also implemented on the 2nd June 2008.

Leased and Owned Licenses
We currently offer two different types of vBulletin license: Owned and Leased.

The Owned vBulletin license allows you to run the software on your site indefinitely. Along with this license, you will receive one year of free updates. Beyond the first year, a renewal fee is payable to obtain updates for an additional year.

The Leased vBulletin license allows you to use the software on your site for one year and gives you access to product updates for that year. After one year, the license may be renewed to continue using the software, or removed from the site.

Both licenses include unlimited free support via email.

From 2nd June the following prices will apply:
  • Owned license - $180
  • Leased license - $100
Bulk order pricing for both license types will remain consistent with the current discounting levels.

License Renewals
For a Leased license, it is necessary to purchase a license Renewal in order to continue to run vBulletin on your site. For Owned licenses, it is not necessary to renew in order to continue using vBulletin, but is required in order to extend access to software updates.

From the June 2nd, the following changes will be coming into effect:
  • Leased license Renewal pricing will be $100.
  • Owned license Renewal pricing will be:
    • $40 if purchased before the license expires or within 60 days after expiry
    • $60 if purchased at any other time
  • vBulletin Renewals will now also renew linked add-on products (details below)
If a Renewal is purchased before the license expires, the existing expiry date is extended by one year. If the Renewal is purchased after the license expires, access to software updates is restored, and the expiry date will be set to one year from the date of Renewal purchase.

License Upgrades
License Upgrades allow you to convert a Leased license into an Owned license. There are two products available, depending on when the Leased license was purchased.

If the Leased license was purchased less than 60 days in the past, a special offer is available that will convert the license from Leased to Owned without changing the expiry date of the license. From the 2nd June, the price for this option will be $100.

If the Leased license was purchased more than 60 days in the past, the standard license Upgrade option is available. From the 2nd June, the price for this option will be $180. This option will set the new expiry date to be one year in the future from the date of Upgrade purchase, as is currently the case.

Add-on Products
As well as the vBulletin forums product, Jelsoft also offers two additional add-on products that integrate with vBulletin and add extra functionality to the community - vBulletin Blog and vBulletin Project Tools.

Add-on products are linked to either a Leased or an Owned vBulletin license. Currently, buying an add-on product will give you access to software updates for one year from the date of purchase - and a further year of updates would incur an additional fee.

From today, the renewal fees for add-on products will be removed, and access for add-on product updates will correspond to the status of the linked "parent" vBulletin license. While the vBulletin license is active, you will be able to download software updates for any linked add-on products.

From 2nd June, the cost of vBulletin Blog and Project Tools will be $60.

Additional Products

From 2nd June, the Branding Free option price will be $170 and the Professional Installation and Professional Upgrade prices will be $150.

Post vBulletin 3.0, 3.5 Now at End-of-Life

vBulletin 3.0, 3.5 Now at End-of-Life

vBulletin 3.0 was first made available to customers as a beta in June 2003 and the 'Gold' version was released in March 2004. Since then, major updates have been released, including vBulletin 3.5, 3.6 and today, 3.7.

With the succession today of vBulletin 3.7.0 as our primary, stable and supported version, the time has come to finally declare the end of life (EOL) for 3.0 and 3.5. These versions are old and have been superceded twice, and statistics we can draw from our download logs show that only an extremely small portion of our customers are still running these old versions.

Therefore, our recommendation to anyone running versions of vBulletin 3.0 or 3.5 is to upgrade to 3.7 in order to benefit from security improvements, bug-fixes and many new features. No further feature, maintenance or security releases of 3.0 or 3.5 will be made.

vBulletin 3.6 End of Life Schedule

With today's release of 3.7.0 and development priorities switching to vBulletin 4, customers should be aware that vBulletin 3.6 will not be maintained forever. Active maintenance including fixes for functionality breaks and security problems will continue for six months (to 31st October 2008), after which only security fixes will be released. Upon the release of vBulletin 4, the 3.6 branch will be EOL'd and no further security fixes will be made available and customers will be advised to upgrade to vBulletin 3.7 or 4.0 in order to gain fixes.

Post Blog on vBulletin.com to be Emptied

As part of our ongoing drive to improve communications with our customers, the vBulletin development team will soon be posting to a new development blog, providing tidbits of information and glimpses into future features, development processes etc. for customers who are interested in seeing where things are going and how they are progressing.

We will be using the vBulletin Blog installation here on vBulletin.com for this purpose, and in order to allow a clear signal without interference we will be emptying the Blog of all its current content on Friday, June 7th.

After this date, the vBulletin.com blog's purpose will be communication between Jelsoft and its customers, so we will not be allowing customers to post their own blogs, though they will of course be welcome to comment on entries posted by the vBulletin team.

If you currently have content in the blog at vBulletin.com that you want to keep, please make use of the time before the data wipe to take a backup of your entries and either post them elsewhere or keep them for your own records.

Post vBulletin 3.7.1 Released

vBulletin 3.7.1

It is four weeks today since the 'gold' release of vBulletin 3.7.0. In that time, we have been busy squashing the inevitable collection of bugs that get reported after large numbers of customers deploy a new major version to their servers.

We would like to take this opportunity to convey the details of a new release schedule that we will now be rolling out.
Scheduled Maintenance Releases

In order to make our maintenance release schedule more predictable for customers, and in an attempt to ensure that bug fixes are passed on to users in a timely fashion, we will now be implementing a regime of pre-scheduled maintenance releases.

A maintenance release is classified as one that contains day-to-day bug fixes that do not include serious data loss issues or security flaws. They are designated (usually) by an incrementing of the third version digit, such as 3.7.1, 3.7.2, 3.7.3 etc.

From now on, the longest time customers will ever wait for bug fixes to be released will be two months.

Toward the end of each month, the developers will evaluate the quantity and severity of the bugs found and fixed in the previous month. If there has been an abnormally high number of bugs reported, or the severity of some of the bugs fixed is considered to warrant an early release, the next maintenance version will be brought forward and will be released to customers on the final Tuesday of that month.

If the quantity and severity of bugs is not unusual, the maintenance version will be released on the final Tuesday of the month, two months following the previous maintenance version.

Security Flaws and Data-Loss Bugs

As usual, we will any fix security flaws and serious data loss bugs as soon as we become aware of their existence, and will do a release as soon as the fix is implemented and tested.

Wherever possible, this will be done in the form of a Patch Level (PL) release, where only a small number of files are updated and no upgrade script is required, but when this is not possible, a full release will be performed, as was the case with 3.6.10 and 3.7.0 Release Candidate 4.
Notable Changes and Improvements

New Settings
  • Allow Owners to Delete Social Group if Empty
    This option will allow any group owner to delete a Social Group if they are the only member of that group (even if they lack the "Can Delete Own Social Groups" permission)
  • Thread Tag Banned Words
    These words will be checked in addition to those listed in includes/searchwords.php to form a list of words whose use is banned in tagging.
  • Thread Tag Allowed Words
    Words entered here will be allowed as tags, regardless of whether or not their use would be otherwise disallowed due to length, censorship, commonality etc.
  • Tag Cloud: Build Usergroup
    The tag cloud pulls together data from threads in many forums. Users may not be able to see all the threads that make up the tag cloud results. With this option, you can force the tag cloud to be built as if it were viewed by a particular usergroup.
Feature Improvements

Option to control deletion of empty social groups.
Previously, users without permission to delete their own group could always delete the group if no one else was a member of the group. This caused a potential loophole, related to kicking members from the group. There is a new option to control whether owners can delete empty groups without the normal delete group permissions.

Tag delimiter now customizable.
Board administrators can now customize the delimiter used for tagging threads. The comma will still always be used, but this allows administrators to specify a language-specific delimiter (like an Arabic comma) or change to use spaces to separate tags.

Customizable "good words" and "bad words" lists for tags.
Administrators can now specify words that they always want to allow as tags, regardless of commonality or length ("good words"). They can also specifically list words that would be valid tags, but shouldn't be allowed ("bad words"). Be aware that these settings are for exact matches only, not tags that contain particular words.

Tachy Support for Visitor Messages and Picture Comments
Visitor messages and picture comments now fully support the Tachy Goes to Coventry global ignore system.

Upload Memory Improvements
The way file uploads are handled have been re-written in order to reduce memory usage, it is now possible to upload an attachment of several hundred megabytes while only using a few kilobytes of memory. This new method only works when attachments are stored in the filesystem.

Upgrading from Previous Versions

3.7.1 is a maintenance release. We recommend that all customers running prior versions of vBulletin 3.7 upgrade to benefit from bug fixes and stability improvements.

Full instructions for upgrading vBulletin are available here.

PHP and MySQL Requirements

Please note that vBulletin 3.7.x requires at least PHP 4.3.3 and MySQL 4.0.16 or later.

However, we recommend that vBulletin 3.7.x is run on PHP 5.2.6 with APC (or a similar opcode cache) and MySQL 5.0.51 for best performance and stability.

End of Life for PHP 4

The PHP group has announced the end of life for PHP 4. We strongly recommend that customers update their servers to PHP 5.2.6 if they are still running PHP 4. vBulletin 3.7.1 supports PHP 5 without any problems, though you may need to disable strict mode for MySQL, see here on how to enable 'force_sql_mode'.

Note: We will continue to support PHP 4 in the vBulletin 3 series.

Download vBulletin 3.7.1

As usual, vBulletin 3.7.1 is available for all customers with valid, active licenses to download from the vBulletin Members' Area.

vBulletin Members Area

Post vBulletin 3.7.1 PL1 & 3.6.10 PL1 Released

vBulletin 3.7.1 PL1 / vBulletin 3.6.10 PL1

The recent discovery of an obscure method in which to expose a cross-site scripting (XSS) error in vBulletin when using specific browser software means that it is necessary to release Patch Level (PL) versions of both 3.7.1 and 3.6.10.

Although it is difficult to exploit the XSS flaw, and the potential for exposure and damage is limited, we nonetheless recommend that customers upgrade to protect themselves.

Upgrading from 3.7.1 or 3.6.10

If you are already running 3.7.1 or 3.6.10, the process you will be required to follow to make your board immune to the XSS problem is very simple. Visit the Patches section of the vBulletin Members' Area and download either the patch for 3.7.1, or the patch for 3.6.10, according to the version you are currently running, then extract the files from the archive you downloaded, then upload the files to your board via FTP etc., overwriting the existing files. This will update your version to the PL1 release.

There is no need to run an upgrade script if you are already running 3.7.1 or 3.6.10.

Upgrading from Versions Earlier than 3.7.1 or 3.6.10

If you are not already running 3.7.1 or 3.6.10, you should download the most latest version from the Members' Area and perform an upgrade as normal.

Full instructions for upgrading vBulletin are available here.

PHP and MySQL Requirements

Please note that vBulletin 3.7.x requires at least PHP 4.3.3 and MySQL 4.0.16 or later.

However, we recommend that vBulletin 3.7.x is run on PHP 5.2.6 with APC (or a similar opcode cache) and MySQL 5.0.51 for best performance and stability.

End of Life for PHP 4

The PHP group has announced the end of life for PHP 4. We strongly recommend that customers update their servers to PHP 5.2.6 if they are still running PHP 4. vBulletin 3.7.1 supports PHP 5 and MySQL 5 fully, though you may need to disable strict mode for MySQL, see here on how to enable 'force_sql_mode'.

Note: We will continue to support PHP 4 in the vBulletin 3 series.

Download vBulletin 3.7.1 PL1 or 3.6.10 PL1

As usual, both versions released today are available for all customers with valid, active licenses to download from the vBulletin Members' Area.

vBulletin Members Area

Post vBulletin Blog Update in Development

Since its initial release, the vBulletin Blog add-on product has proved itself to be a popular addition to the vBulletin software suite. It has been well received and sold in good numbers.

Of course, no software is perfect, and we appreciate the feedback we have received from our customers regarding existing features and those that the product would benefit from having.

Therefore, we are pleased to announce that a significant update to the vBulletin Blog is in development, which will introduce new features and implement several popular suggestions for improvements to existing functionality.

There has been no shortage of feature suggestions and feature change requests made in the blog suggestion forum. Careful attention to all of these was paid, with consideration given to them all. This update is slated to be available in the near future, so the kitchen sink is not in the feature list, but what is on the list is sure to please and satisfy everyone while at the same time allowing a release within a reasonable timeframe.

Here is a short list of some of the new features in the vBulletin Blog update.

Is a blog really a blog if it doesn't have tags? We really wanted to get tag support into Blog 1.0 but we just ran out of time. Well we have tags now that feature a cloud at the top level (all blogs) and at the level of each blog.

Featured Entries
Customers asked for more capability out of the Featured Entry feature. Now you will be able to select multiple entries from an increased set of criteria.

Blog Roll
Your users will now be able to create their own custom blocks to appear in their blog sidebar. They will even be able to rearrange the order of their custom blocks and the pre-existing blocks.

As an admin, you can now create categories that are accessible to all users or can be limited to specific usergroups.

Blog Customization
One of the most requested features must be the ability for users to personalize their blog. As users can now do with their profiles in 3.7, these style customizations will now be applicable to their blog too.

Further Use of vBulletin 3.7 Features
vBulletin 3.7 introduced several new features that are applicable to the blog.
  • The lightbox is now used in the blog.
  • Social Bookmarking links have been implemented for each entry.
  • The old vBulletin standbys of quick editing and quick loading deleted items have been implemented as well.
Of course, this is not a complete feature list - we wouldn't want to spoil the surprise before you unwrap the shiny package.

We hope to provide further information as time goes on regarding the Blog update via the vBulletin developers' blog.

Post vBulletin Project Tools Update in Development

Like the vBulletin Blog, the vBulletin Project Tools add-on will also be receiving an update in the near future. There has been great feedback on the features you want in the Project Tools, from project management improvements to additional integration with forum features.

This upcoming Project Tools release aims to implement some of the most popular feature requests we've received. Here's a list of some of the things you'll be getting:

Project Subscriptions
Users can now subscribe to individual issue types (bug, feature, task) within a project and get a digest with the latest changes, just like forum subscriptions.

Notification of Issue Assignment
If a user is assigned to an issue by someone else, he or she will be sent an email about the assignment.

Persistent Read Marking / New Post Indicators
A standard feature of the forums, the Project Tools now track what issues you've read and whether a project has new content. There are a bunch of features that follow from this:
  • Bold/unbold issue titles
  • "Go to new" links
  • Project icons that indicate new content
  • Issue type counters that indicate new content specifically to that type
  • Improved display of unread issues on the User CP
  • "Find New Issues" links

Issue Closing
A relatively simple feature, but issues that get out of hand can be closed. Like in the forum, this prevents replies except from those that can open the issue. It also locks the issue's metadata unless you can open the issue.

Improved Tracking of Private Issues/Replies
Previously, if someone replied privately to an issue, it wouldn't affect the last post information, thus making it very easy to miss the message. Now, private replies will change the last post time and reply counts (if you can see the private message). This way you won't miss anything.

This isn't a full list, as I'm sure you expect. Look for information on some of the new features in the vBulletin developers' blog.

Oh, and one more thing... Expect to see this Project Tools update here on vBulletin this month. Betas will be available to Project Tools license owners next month (July).


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