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Подробности и история обновлений продукта в этой теме
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Пароли на скачивание файлов в Member Area меняются автоматически каждый день
Если вам нужно скачать какой то скрипт, за паролем ко мне в ЛС
привет какирам kerk
Ещё раз обращаем Ваше внимание: всё, что Вы скачиваете и устанавливаете на свой форум, Вы устанавливаете исключительно на свой страх и риск.
Сообщество vBSupport'а физически не в состоянии проверять все стили, хаки и нули, выкладываемые пользователями.
Помните: безопасность Вашего проекта - Ваша забота.
Убедительная просьба: при обнаружении уязвимостей или сомнительных кодов обязательно отписывайтесь в теме хака/стиля
Спасибо за понимание
На форуме введена премодерация ВСЕХ новых пользователей

Почта с временных сервисов, типа, и/или прочих, которые предоставляют временный почтовый ящик без регистрации и/или почтовый ящик для рассылки спама, отслеживается и блокируется, а так же заносится в спам-блок форума, аккаунты удаляются
for English speaking users:
You may be surprised with restriction of access to the attachments of the forum. The reason is the recent change in strategy:

- users with reputation < 10 belong to "simple_users" users' group
- if your reputation > 10 then administrator (kerk, Luvilla) can decide to move you into an "improved" group, but only manually

Main idea is to increase motivation of community members to share their ideas and willingness to support to each other. You may write an article for the subject where you are good enough, you may answer questions, you may share content with users, receiving "thanks" equal your reputation points. We should not only consume, we should produce something.

- you may:
* increase your reputation (doing something useful for another members of community) and being improved
* purchase temporary access to the improved category:
10 $ for 3 months. - this group can download attachments, reputation/posts do not matter.
20 $ for 3 months. - this group can download attachments, reputation/posts do not matter + adds eliminated + Inbox capacity increased + files manager increased permissions.

Please contact kerk or Luvilla regarding payments.

- if your reputation will become less then 0, you will be moved into "simple_users" users' group automatically.*
*for temporary groups (pre-paid for 3 months) reputation/posts do not matter.
Не можете скачать вложение?
Изменения в правах групп пользователей
внимательно читаем эту и эту темы
Короткая версия - тут
Уважаемые пользователи!

На форуме открыт новый раздел "Каталог фрилансеров"

и отдельный раздел для платных заказов "Куплю/Закажу"

Frozen's Avatar
Default Wanna' nulled vBSeo 3.0.0 Gold?

You want it? Sure you do!
We've already deioncube most part of vBSeo but we still need to deION 3 files. Its price is $45.

You have some money to share? Awesome! Donate us and dream will get a bit closer to us all.
After deioncubing vBSeo 3.0.0 Gold will be nulled and shared for free!

Our donation bill is:
In "memo" field please write down your forum nickname on this board.


оффтоп: я конечно знаю, что с английским вата у меня, но кто так постарался?
Yandex Bot Yandex Bot is online now
Join Date: 05.05.2005
Реклама на форуме А что у нас тут интересного? =)
Takster's Avatar

If it was that easy to de-ioncube functions_vbseo.php through quinvent or some other chinese decoder it would have been done by now. But good luck anyway. Or did quinvent upgrade his decoder?

Zeratul ( sent it over ioncubed a while ago but has no luck yet :(
WST we tried dezending but the functions are fucked.

Last edited by Takster : 05-07-2007 at 10:49 PM.
Frozen's Avatar


Don't say anythting, just donate

Is it possible to pay by paypal?
Frozen's Avatar

kafkian, unfortunatly, no. :(

Sorry but my explorer says that this is not a web secure :(
Frozen's Avatar

kafkian, Fuck IE off

Use other browser, or send money via your e-gold control panel.

Добавлено через 1 час 4 минуты
We need more twenty dollars, and we will try to null vbseo + hide hack expanded 2.8.1..

Last edited by Frozen : 05-10-2007 at 08:23 PM. Reason: Добавлено сообщение
Joe Ward

FYI - Several nulled copies of vBSEO have had malware embedded by hackers attempting to compromise security at forums who install pirated copies.

Nice try Joe Ward So Juan handover the work to you? i mean the work of registering all scene forums and begging nullers for leaving his script untouched. You can offer free licenses once again for those who banned your script previously. Damn.. Buggers..

Grrr.. Juan, I hate you so much, but i love your product..
Takster's Avatar

hey juan i will take that free license this time, i changed my mind. Seriously dude, you send the best PM's i ever get, i save them all.

Hey Takster,

This is Juan, creator of vBSEO...

Would you mind not seeding vBSEO anymore? As a friendly gesture, I will provide you a free, legitimate license of vBSEO for your forum - btw, once I'm done clearing the nulled sources of vBSEO on the net, I'm releasing v.2.4.1 which is the best performing, stable and feature rich vBSEO ever...

Please PM me via my site with your forum URL and I'll enable your account.

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